Peach Blossom’s Top Ten Greatest III’s A plot summary of the well-known Chinese television series.

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Synopsis Peach Blossom’s Top Ten Greatest III’s All

After the Immortal Clan had been successful in sealing the Demon Lord for 70,000 years and the conflict had been going on for that entire time, the Demon Lord eventually managed to break out of the seal. After that, the Demon God sent Bai Qian to the mortal realm, where he met Ye Hua and gave her his name in the Human Realm. After that, Bai Qian fell in love with Ye Hua. Because Soo Jin is envious of their love for one another, she purposely sows the seeds of confusion between them both. And as a result, Bai Qian was forced to have both of her eyes removed. After she leapt off Zhu Xian, all of her previous experiences vanished from her mind. Ye Hua still recalled Bai Qian when the two of them reconnected after a century had passed. despite the fact that he has not spoken anything at all as of now.

The storyline of the Chinese television series “Three Lives, Three Worlds, and Ten Li Peach Forest”

Zhe Yan escorted Bai Qian to Kunlun Mountain while he was disguised as the immortal Si Yin. There, Zhe Yan deposited himself as a disciple of Mo Yuan, therefore gaining the title of God of War and receiving the Jade Purity Fan as his primary weapon. Bai Qian accompanied Zhe Yan on this journey. one After that, she began to cause many issues, which led to her being kidnapped by the envious Goddess Yao Guang and stealing Ling Yu, Mo Yuan’s ninth student, until she was eventually held captive by the Ghost Lord for a few weeks. She was eventually released.

Because of all this mayhem, Ghost Lord Qing Cang declared war on the Celestial Clan before sneaking past the guards and killing Ling Yu. Ling Yu was the clan’s leader. The body of Ling Yu was brought back to Mount Kunlun, Qing Cang used the Bell of the East Emperor to attempt to destroy Heaven and Earth, and Mo Yuan offered his soul as a sacrifice in order to stop the destruction and seal the soul. Items that belong to Qing Cang. After Mo Yuan’s departure, the followers of Kunlun Mountain were forced to return to their own homes to be with their families.

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Bai Qian, who was still alive and living in the Kunlun Mountains 70,000 years later, did not move aside despite being aware that the seal could have been broken at any moment when Qing Cang really broke. It was Bai Qian who was responsible for him losing all of his memories and sealing up his power before he passed away.

A rendezvous that Bai Qian and Ye Hua had planned out ahead of time.

When Bai Qian became a regular woman like everyone else, When she was dispatched to the Nether Realm to take care of the Golden Lion Beast that belonged to the Ghost Tribe, she ran across a wounded Ye Hua there. However, this resulted in an unintended worsening of his wounds. Ye Hua always had the feeling that he needed to return Bai Qian’s compassion, and finally the two of them ended up falling in love with each other. Su Su was the name he chose for her, and he also made the commitment to marry Bai Qian. He attempted to protect his pregnant wife Bai Qian from the Nine Heavens by keeping her a secret from them, but he was ultimately unsuccessful and they were discovered. And Bai Qian was transported to the heavenly realm of the Nine Heavens.

Then, because Su Jin was envious of their love for one another, he deliberately caused a disagreement between them, which resulted in Bai Qian losing his eyes. And after giving birth to Ali, Bai Qian jumped over Zhu Xian’s balcony, believing that Ye Hua was going to betray her because she was mistaken for her.

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The Memory Seal Held by Bai Qian

After Bai Qian passed away, the power and the memories that she had suppressed in order to protect them were released. and has once more assumed the role of goddess. However, Bai Qian was still unable to cope with the emotional anguish that had taken place as a result of the events. She pleaded with Ze Yan to find her an amnesia pill so that she could forget everything that had happened during the period of time when the power was sealed. In addition to that, it caused her to forget about Ye Hua.

Three hundred years later, Bai Qian is contacted and invited to a dinner where he would eventually run into Ye Hua once more. which she had absolutely no recollection of him at all. Ye Hua did not lose sight of the fact that Bai Qian was his lover. Therefore, he made another attempt to court Bai Qian with the expectation of winning his affection over for a second time. and became victorious at the end

Immediately following Qing Cang’s liberation from the seal, he amassed sufficient power at this instant to conjure a hellfire that torched the sky and the earth once more. After that, Ye Hua confronted Qing Cang in battle and was ultimately victorious, but he was ultimately murdered himself in the process. When Bai Qian saw the lifeless body of Ye Hua, he was powerless to stop himself from crying. After all, Bai Qian had a recurring dream in which she saw Ye Hua, but she always recognized that the vision was an illusion or just a dream.

After three years had passed, Ye Hua was resurrected from the dead while inside a crystal casket that was floating on the water. and has returned to Bai Qian in order to restart their relationship with love

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