The Pressure Is Isolating Online Slots

The Heat is On is a slot machine game developed by Microgaming that is intended to titillate the player while also giving thrilling options for them to try and win the game’s abundant cash reserves. The gameplay of the game revolves around the exploits of two female protagonists, each of whom is on the opposing side of the law and both of them are eager to assist you in achieving some opulent victories. Jean, the blonde police officer, is after Selina, the cat thief, who bears an eerie likeness to another cat burglar from the DC world. Jean is armed with a revolver, handcuffs, and a provocative smile. Selina is being pursued by Jean.

This particular video slots game was developed by Microgaming with the intention of appealing to a male audience, and there is no mistake about that fact. Having said that, the fact that this game is so easy to play will make it tempting to anyone who is searching for a game with a fun premise and that offers substantial cash prizes. It is possible for you to participate in the excitement of The Heat is On right now at Casino Land if you are interested in doing so.


There are a lot of reasons to sign up for Casino Land, the first of which is the fact that it has a sign-up offer that is worth a total of $800 Canadian dollars. In addition, there is the extensive selection of games that are guaranteed to be made available to you as a result of the consolidation of software suppliers that Casino Land has brought under its umbrella. There are hundreds of more games that have been developed by companies such as NetEnt, ELK Studios, NextGen, Play ‘n Go, Quickspin, and Thunderkick, in addition to games such as The Heat is On, which was developed by Microgaming. You will also discover live dealer games developed by Evolution. To put it simply, Casino Land is committed to living up to its name!


With its most recent slot machine, Microgaming has taken a pretty sly approach by providing players with two potential leads, and then filled the reels with a variety of criminal hijinks. You will come across a wide variety of things that are related with the excitement of the theft as well as the excitement of the pursuit. As a result, you should anticipate seeing items such as police helicopters, sticks of explosives, bars of gold, banks, and escape motorcycles. This game was developed by Microgaming with the intention of evoking a feeling of excitement, and because it is primarily aimed at novice players, the winning mechanisms have been kept very straightforward.


Players of online slots are rewarded with not one but two Wild symbols when they play The Heat is On. As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one,” and the double wacky features of The Heat is On are evidence that this is true.  This will result in Jean and Selina appearing on the screen, revealing their animation sequences, and fostering a more favorable environment for victory. Nevertheless, if we were to discuss the feature that truly steals the show, it would be the free spins bonus round, which requires a minimum of three scatter symbols to appear on reels 1, 2, and 3 in order to provide you with five free spins. In order to obtain ten, you need to acquire one more on reel 4. Last but not least, if you load the reels, you will receive twenty free spins. To add insult to injury, the Scatter symbols have the potential to become stacked on reels 2 and 3, and if you are fortunate enough to acquire them stacked on both of these reels, you could end up earning as much as 80! To make matters even better, the function may be reactivated.

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